This Is What A Future Watch Should Look Like

At Geneva’s Haute Horlogerie Salon in 2019, the Traditionnelle Twin Beats series dual-core perpetual calendar watch launched by Vacheron Constantin is definitely one of the most discussed topics. Its first dual balance wheel switch Mechanism, according to the needs of the user, choose the best mode to switch between wearing and not wearing, so that the watch in both modes to achieve the precision when worn, with a spare long power ‘mechanical intelligent mode’ when not wearing , And this is a pioneering work in the history of mechanical watches. Vacheron Constantin is one of the few brands in the field of fine watchmaking that can master both artistic and technical flows. In the art field, gold sculptures, enamels, micro-paintings, fine wood inlays and even high-end Italian suit fabrics are used as materials for watch creation. Whether it is single or interactive use, they have achieved many peerless under the brand’s high aesthetics and skills. Boutique. In terms of watchmaking technology, the production, superposition of various complex functions, and even the exploration and creation of ultra-complex timepieces have long set a benchmark in the industry. And this Traditionnelle inherited series dual-core perpetual calendar watch is to demonstrate the brand’s changes in the complex functions of fine watchmaking in the new era, and its core essence is to provide users with the most convenient use solution. Among the many complicated functions, the perpetual calendar can be said to be extremely convenient but slightly cumbersome to adjust. It provides a time evolution that can be accurate for up to a hundred years-under the premise of sufficient power, once the lockout is too long, the date is even The monthly adjustment always scares the wearer, and it is easy to damage the movement due to misadjustment. In order to solve this problem to the greatest extent, Vacheron Constantin proposed a solution: frequency conversion. In this perpetual calendar mechanical watch with its own intelligent mode, the brand uses a dual balance wheel mechanism, but the two balance wheels not only operate asynchronously, but the vibration frequency is quite different. When the wearer is in the normal wearing mode, one of the balance wheel escapement systems operates at a high speed of 5 Hz (36,000 times / hour) to provide accurate time and has 4 days of power. Without wearing, the user can Switching from the 8 o’clock position to the low-frequency 1.2 Hz (8,640 times / hour) standby mode (switching indicator is located at 9 o’clock on the dial), at this time the watch can still provide stable power for 65 days and ensure the date The precise operation of the month and month-this is also the most frequently adjusted function of the perpetual calendar. Once it needs to be worn again, as long as the watch is switched to the high frequency mode, it is wound up and adjusted to the current time and it will run as usual. In order to achieve such ‘intelligence’, Vacheron Constantin worked hard on this newly developed 3610 movement. The switching and stability of kinetic energy output is undoubtedly the core factor of this watch. The two vibration frequencies are switched through two differentials mounted on the gear and the barrel to allow the two balance wheels to switch to each other and meet the needs of different kinetic energy. Because the slow balance of the idle mode has higher sensitivity, Its hairspring must also be redesigned. Its cross-sectional area is only 0.0774 × 0.0159mm, which is almost a quarter of the size of another 5Hz balance spring. In addition, the redesigned instant jump mechanism of the date, month, and leap year allows the torque required by the jump mechanism to be only one-fourth that of the traditional jump mode, which makes the efficient use of kinetic energy to a new level, even more amazing. Each movement has 480 parts, but its thickness is only 6 mm and its diameter is only 32 mm, which is a feat of micro-engineering. In addition, it points out a new direction for the traditional watchmaking towards the future. This hereditary series dual-core perpetual calendar watch is made of platinum. Vacheron Constantin has adopted a semi-hollow design. You can enjoy the radial machine engraving and sandblasting on the splint through the table mirror. The upper part of the gold dial is decorated with hand-engraved carvings. The concentric dial placed in it is a display of different days of power reserve that can be obtained by switching different vibration frequencies. The perpetual calendar function of the watch is mainly divided into the lower half of the date, month and leap year display (the center axis of the faceplate is the hour and minute display). The fan-shaped windows at 9 o’clock represent two different vibration frequencies. You can switch by pressing the handle at the 8 o’clock position of the case. At the same time, the power reserve indication will also switch. This innovative perpetual calendar power switching mode that meets the needs of modern use is actually inspired by Japan’s ancient time. From the 17th to 19th centuries, the ‘irregular method’ timer was used to get inspiration. Fine-tuning, so timepieces often have one or two balance-wheel-like devices. The source of this inspiration was the birth of this epoch-making watch, which was achieved through years of research and development by the research and development team at Vacheron Constantin, as well as the continuous optimization of traditional watchmaking technology by modern technology.

Yao Chenmingyan At Fashion Week And Piaget Possession Together To Shine In Paris

March 10, 2015, Paris-Along with He Chunguang, 2015 Paris Fashion Week has arrived as scheduled, fashion darlings and celebrities from all walks of life gather in Huadu, and the show is full of infinite style. As a guest of the Fashion Week, Yao Chen wore Piaget Possession series of jewellery at the SHIATZYCHEN show. Piaget, the watch and jewellery master, was unique and brightened the forefront of fashion.

  Despite the extremely tight schedule of Fashion Week, Yao Chen visiting Paris is still full of energy. Before the opening, Yao Chen wore a bright pink coat and dress into the eyes of everyone, and the Possession series of long necklaces flowing around her neck made Yao Chen’s iconic smile even more brilliant; several Possession series rings were inventively stacked with fingers In the meantime, as she turned and flashed with a smile, she was exquisite, gorgeous and smart, sharing with her the ultimate moment of capturing countless films.

  In 1990, Piaget, the master of watch and jewelry, surprised the world with a Possession ring decorated with a second layer of movable rotating outer ring. Twenty-five years later, Piaget has deliberately expanded this iconic collection. The gold ring is complemented by diamonds, and the two movable rings are independent and inseparable from each other. The new Possession series is an intimate partner of women’s soles, bringing sources to all women who desire it. Constant joy.

PiagetPossession necklace
18K rose and white gold necklace set with 39 round diamonds (approx. 0.88 carat)

PiagetPossession series ring
18K Rose Gold

PiagetPossession series ring
18K White Gold

Yellow Wind Re-emerges: Tissot Launches 2017 Tour De France Special Series Chronograph

Every July, the yellow wind of the cycling scene blows all over France. The 2017 Tour de France will officially start on July 1st. It will start in Dusseldorf, Germany, and leave The Swiss Tissot, which assisted behind-the-scenes timekeeping, will continue to cross the dream finish line with all riders with extremely strict ‘precision’ this year. The entire event will reach the finish line in Marseille, South France on July 23.
   The victory of a time trial depends on a few milliseconds. The difference in milliseconds affects the heartbeat of the audience. Therefore, the ‘accuracy’ performance of the timepiece is undoubtedly one of the most important links in the event. At the event, it is worth noting that 10 new cities and stations were added this year, and the five-night mountain nightmare, which has disappeared since 1992, has been repeated. It is Vosges, Jura, Pyrenees, Massif Central and Alps. The challenger’s climbing strength and mental endurance will be tested soon. This year’s competition is absolutely exciting!
   In addition to the viewability of the event, following the special series of the Tour de France launched by Tissot in Switzerland in 2016, it caused a sensation among watch fans and car fans. Cycling 2017 Special Edition and Tissot Yunchi Series Tour de France 2017 Special Edition. These two watches perfectly combine the spirit of cycling, racing and racing against time. The color design is based on the champion yellow shirt through the calm Black to show the heroic spirit that broke through the Arc de Triomphe, and pay the highest respect to the winning yellow shirt army.

Tissot Tour de France Tour de France 2017 Special Edition, grey PVD coated 316L stainless steel case, 44.5 mm diameter, grey PVD coated stainless steel case, carbon fiber composite material, aluminum bezel, quartz movement, sapphire crystal glass surface , Water-resistant to 100 meters, Silicone strap.

Tissot Racing Series Tour de France 2017 Special Case Back Cover
Victory in hand, the highest palace: Tissot Racing Series Tour de France 2017 Special
   Although the special watch diameter of the Tissot Tour de France Tour de France 2017 is mostly 45mm, in order to avoid increasing the burden and pressure on the driver’s wrist when running, the watch is designed to weigh under 100 grams. In addition, the black design of the road surface symbolizes the asphalt road, and the large pointer design makes the time more accurate and readable, with the image of a fork and a tire. At the same time, the front fork design is also applied to the details of the lugs connecting to the silicone strap, forming a symbol more like a bicycle’s front wheel. The association of the tire can also be projected on a carbon fiber ring on the outer side of the surface. The brake lever becomes a chronograph operation button. The rear flywheel becomes the back cover with engraved decoration and crown details. The silicone strap is decorated with chain stripes on the inside. The overall design This is the highest respect for the Tour de France.

Tissot Racing Series Tour de France 2017 Special Edition, PVD-coated 316L stainless steel case, 45 mm diameter, quartz movement, sapphire crystal surface, waterproof 100 meters, NATO strap.

Tissot Yunchi Series Tour de France 2017 Special Case Back Cover
Passion and energy are intertwined, reaching the dream finish line: Tissot Yunchi series Tour de France 2017 special
   Tissot Yunchi series Tour de France 2017 special model, with a little more sports and leisure atmosphere, the design of the model adopts a 316L PVD stainless steel case and a non-burdened NATO strap design. The yellow and black color highlights the driver’s never-ending rest in the process. Determined, the back cover is engraved with the official standard flag of the Tour de France and the words Special Edition. Whether you like the delicate texture of traditional watchmaking or the passion and vitality of modern sports, this section is definitely a collection not to be missed.

Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 Movement Full Contact

On May 14 and May 18, 2012, TAG Heuer, a well-known Swiss luxury watch brand, held two unique elite trainings in Shanghai and Beijing, respectively, to comprehensively analyze the brand’s classic Carlisle. Pulling the 1887 chronograph, to show Chinese media friends the infinite charm of fine watchmaking. At the same time, a special event for Shanghai TAG Heuer watch fans was opened. During the interactive session, watch fans put on watch clothing, experienced the fun of assembling the movement, and awarded certificates. TAG Heuer Gold Trainer and Global Technical Advisor Mr. Harry Schumacher also came to the site to guide and communicate with Chinese media and watch fans.
    TAG Heuer Carrera’s 1887 chronograph was born on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the brand in 2010 and won the “Little Hand Award” of the watchmaker of Geneva. The watch uses the first self-developed Calibre 1887 by TAG Heuer. The case is polished by the most advanced Swiss mechanical equipment and automated precision stamping, grinding and polishing equipment with micron counts. And assembly. It is worth mentioning that the exterior design is based on the first Carrera watch in 1964. It follows the principles of simplicity, elegance, and readability, while adding many modern elements to highlight the true nature of TAG Heuer’s pioneering pioneers. In 2012, TAG Heuer’s originality, enlarged the case to 43mm, showing a wide field of vision, and the dial is clear and easy to read. The pursuit of superb craftsmanship and high quality made Carrera 1887 the perfect interpretation of TAG Heuer.
2012 CARRERA 1887 chronograph (43mm)
Calella 1887 chronograph 2012 (43mm)
    In this TAG Heuer elite training, to showcase 360 ​​° TAG Heuer’s first self-developed movement Calibre 1887, Mr. Harry Schumacher made a special trip to assemble a valuable complete set of movements to China by air. Unique and exquisite craftsmanship of the brand. At the event, Mr. Harry Schumacher shared many technical breakthroughs of TAG Heuer over the past 152 years, reminisced on the excellence of technology and brand essence, and introduced the first self-developed Calibre 1887 TAG Heuer. And how to use professional tools. Media friends and watch fans were not only impressed by the superb skills of TAG Heuer watchmakers, but also fascinated by the exquisite design of Calibre 1887 movement.

Calibre 1887 device
    Calibre 1887 is equipped with 39 bearing rubies, composed of 320 parts, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour, and a power reserve of 50 hours.