Dark Night, Deep Sea, Ready To Go: Seiko Prospex ‘the Black Series’ Makes Its Grand Debut

The Prospex diving watch for men’s watch series from Seiko, a Japanese professional watchmaker, has been unremittingly researching new technologies with the spirit of uncompromising research since its introduction in 1965, and has gradually developed over half a century And evolution, has become the benchmark for international diving watches, trusted by professional divers and adventurers around the world, creating a timeless classic.

   This year, Seiko Prospex hits the diving watch market with great shock. The ‘Black Series’ diving watch is a classic black color that symbolizes the mysterious and deep ocean in the dark night with retro Stylized design, re-creating the pinnacle of diving watches with extraordinary masterpieces. ‘The Black Series’ is a smoky torpedo that is bursting in the deep sea, making Seiko Prospex dominate the world of diving watches again.

Seiko Prospex ‘The Black Series’ model SNE493J1 stainless steel case, diameter 43.5 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, lockable crown, screw-in back, enhanced mirror surface, unidirectional rotating bezel, V157 solar Movement, environmental protection solar energy, full power for about 6 months, water resistance of 200 meters.
Seiko Prospex transforms into a marine explorer
   The ocean that has bred countless lives has rich and magnificent natural landscapes. The mysterious and underwater world has always been loved by marine explorers. Different from the daytime horizon of the seabed, the ocean at night is deeper and more charming. It always attracts many divers to explore the deep sea at night, and to see different underwater features. Inspired by the ocean that dives at night, Seiko Prospex launches three diving watches called ‘The Black Series’. The watch uses black as the main color, which means the deep sea in the dark night. It is equipped with Seiko’s exclusive LumiBrite luminous paint orange and white hands, like the lamps used by night divers, to ensure that the surface still has reliable visibility in the dark; slightly retro flavor The yellow goose hour markers set off the low-key, calm and adventurous character of diving athletes. The simple and attractive overall color scheme makes ‘The Black Series’ series even more black.

Seiko Prospex ‘The Black Series’ model SRPC49J1 stainless steel case, 45 mm diameter, hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week, unidirectional rotating bezel, lockable crown, screw-in back, reinforced mirror, 4R36 Mechanical movement, 41 hours power reserve, 200 meters water resistance.
   ‘The Black Series’ series diving watches can withstand 200 meters of diving. The hard coating on the outer layer of the case can effectively protect against collisions. The crown has a non-slip protection design to prevent accidental pulling out of the crown during the diving process. The dials of the ‘The Black Series’ series are well-designed, such as the 60-minute unidirectional diving bezel printed in bold white, the eye-catching extra large luminous scale and orange-white hands, which are in sharp contrast with the black case. Even in seas where light cannot penetrate, the watch is still clearly visible. Every diving performance on the watch is strictly inspected by Seiko factory standards to ensure that every Seiko Prospex diving watch is a guarantee of high quality.

Seiko Prospex ‘The Black Series’ divers’ watches, such as the ink-colored torpedoes in the deep sea.
A classic presentation of the spirit of different adventures and difficulties
   ‘The Black Series’ series dive watches launched three different designs for different consumer groups: SRPC49J1 is equipped with a 4R36 mechanical movement, with a power reserve of 41 hours. It is the only mechanical watch in this series with automatic winding. The 45mm diameter and the dial configuration of the big three hands faithfully present the classic design of Seiko Prospex, with the date and day at the same time at three o’clock.

SNE493J1 has a special lens at 3 o’clock to improve the watch’s visibility.
   The other two SNE493J1 and SSC673P1 use environmentally-friendly solar movements. Using Seiko’s exclusive solar technology, all types of light sources can be converted into energy to provide power for high-performance solar cells. They can maintain power for 6 months when fully charged. . SNE493J1 is a basic three-pin design with date display. What is special is that a special date lens is arranged at three o’clock, which greatly improves the legibility of the watch.

Seiko Prospex ‘The Black Series’ model SSC673P1 stainless steel case, diameter 43.5 mm, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, chronograph, 24-hour display, lockable crown, screw-in back, strengthened mirror surface, One-way rotating bezel, V175 solar chronograph movement, environmental protection solar energy, full power for about 6 months, waterproof 200 meters.
   The SSC673P1 has chronograph performance, with 24-hour dial, 60-minute chronograph dial, and small seconds dial at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock respectively. The multi-layer dial design adds watch readability. The equipped V175 movement can time with a precision of 1/5 seconds, allowing the wearer to tick accurately on the wrist even in a quiet underwater world.

Seiko Prospex launched the ‘The Black Series’ diving watch. The watch is mainly black, which means the deep sea in the dark night. It is equipped with Seiko’s exclusive LumiBrite luminous paint orange and white hands, just like the lamps used by night divers.
   Seiko Prospex adheres to the adventurous spirit that never fades, and achieves the adventurous spirit of diving athletes; using the original technology to construct the specifications of international diving watches, each Seiko Prospex diving watch can perform perfectly under difficult circumstances.