Identification Of Authenticity Is Difficult

Although Casio watches are not high-grade, they are definitely well-known brands in China. Casio watches have always been known for their ruggedness, beauty, fashion, and affordable prices. Many young consumers like this brand. Cocasio is the brand with the most fakes. Many models are not too difficult to manufacture. They can be completed through low-level movements and imitation cases. Those who are not very familiar with Casio will be easily fooled. Is it really difficult to tell the truth? The following watch home will talk about the authenticity of Casio watches.

   Why is Casio popular in China? Presumably, this is inseparable from its large brand promotion and the advocacy spirit of ‘Wrist Technology’. The four most famous men’s watch series: G-SHOCK, EDIFICE, PROTREK, OCEANUS It can give four different wearing sensations. The two women’s watch series Baby-G and SHEEN also show the wearer’s infinite wrist style with their unique personality and elegant temperament, which are deeply loved by women. But among them The three series of EDIFICE, PROTREK and OCEANUS, due to the high technology content, can not be counterfeit, other models are counterfeit. You can check the authenticity of Casio watches on the Internet by the following points:
1. Look at the movement
   Be familiar with the movement model and movement identification used in the real watch, so that you can tell the authenticity at a glance. In addition, you must observe the words of the movement. The engraving of the genuine movement is clear and beautiful, while the fake watch is rough and has no beauty. It is also necessary to test the performance of the movement, to see if the adjustment of the card time calendar is smooth, and to listen to the sound made by the movement.

2. Where to look at the details
   Look carefully at the appearance of the craftsmanship, whether the case and strap are polished finely, whether the printed and engraved fonts are clear and beautiful, and whether some details are in place, whether there are marks such as defects at the corners of the watch. The real watch is beautiful and elegant, but the fake watch is far from the real watch!
3. Watch box and certificate
   The workmanship of the watch box also reflects the value of the famous watch. The watch box of the real watch is very elegant, and the certificate will also be printed with the model of the watch and the unique production serial number. Some certificates will have pinhole drilling technology to type the watch number on the certificate.

   I believe this is also the identification method of most people, in fact, this can’t identify true and false at all. First of all, many Casio models are impenetrable, so the method of looking at the movement cannot be realized at all. Secondly, some people think that it is enough to look at the appearance of the watch, but everyone thinks about it, when we discuss on the Internet how to identify genuine and fake. Of course, those who are counterfeiters will also research online. The problems we have raised will definitely notice that the counterfeiting methods will continue to improve. Therefore, it is basically impossible to see the true and false from the appearance. Finally, I want to identify true and false from the watch box and certificate. Everyone thinks that watches can be forged exactly like the genuine ones. Is it difficult for a watch case and certificate to get counterfeiters? Not only that, the anti-counterfeit labels on the case and the certificate will be counterfeited. Many people think that laser technology is not easy to do. In fact, the technical content is really not high!

   Now that Casio watches in the market are really indistinguishable from real ones, we can’t deny that those who are particularly familiar with Casio can still recognize them. But for most consumers, how many people can do this? So avoiding fakes from the purchase channel is the best way. Many shops selling counterfeit goods will display ‘guaranteed authenticity, support counter inspection’, ‘XX purchasing, regular invoices’, ‘guaranteed authenticity, fake one loses three’ and other brands. In fact, everybody thinks carefully, ‘guarantees authenticity, supports counter inspection’, things are not bought from other counters, are they obliged to inspect the goods for you? Secondly, can the counter sales be true or false? ‘XX purchasing, regular ‘Invoice’, or that sentence, can be faked with such a complicated table. What are several fake invoices? ‘Guarantee genuine, fake one for three’, even if you find it is fake, do you think the store will really pay? , Specialty stores, official online stores to buy is the most assured, although the price will be a lot more expensive, but will not buy fakes.

   Casio watches authentic identification method is introduced here for everyone. I believe some people think: it is not a high-end watch, is it necessary to buy it for real? In this regard, it can only mean that your vision may be relatively high and you don’t look down on this brand. But there are friends who do n’t know much about watches, and they do n’t want to spend money to buy fakes. So this article aims to help newcomers and friends who do n’t know about watches. I hope they do n’t spend “unjust money” on fakes!