Bvlgari Bvlgari Valentine’s Day Sweet Selection At First Sight, Go For A Romantic Appointment

Romance begins with a hazy throbbing movement, like a sweet joy overflowing in the air. BVLGARI Bvlgari Valentine’s Day sweet selection, incarnate the arrow of love, in the romantic Valentine’s Day, feel the magic of love together.

Bulgari Valentine’s Day Sweet Selection

Booming heart, performing romantic romance

I send you flowers that will never wither, remembering the moment when my heart is moving. Bvlgari incorporates timeless flower elements into fascinating works, presenting Fiorever jewellery. The shape of the blooming eight-petal flower symbolizes good luck and happiness. Passing the passion from Rome, dedicated to the Fiorever women who adore the sweet life, conveying the affection with a gentle and graceful attitude.

Bvlgari Fiorever

Eros comes and spends romantic time together

箭 The arrow of love is my romantic declaration to you, leaving your own imprint on your heart. The Serpenti series Xuan Cai time watch is exquisitely charming and cheerful, and the rose gold bracelet presents elegant elegance. The Octo Roma men’s watch uses the Bulgari iconic octagonal case design, with a dark brown sun-patterned lacquered dial and an automatic mechanical movement. The exquisite and elegant appearance highlights another simple beauty. With Cupid’s testimony, we will spend our sweet time together and retain unforgettable sweet moments.


Bvlgari Serpenti Time Watch

Bvlgari Octo Roma watch

At first sight I fell in love

Combining the intensity of romantic love with the current surge of love at first sight, it touches the heart in a charming way-making everyone fall in love. Bvlgari launched the Serpenti Forever ELECTRO LOVE series bag, which uses colorful calfskin with carmine jasper or cobalt blue tourmaline accessories to contrast with the colors on the sides. Red is a symbol of passion, while blue is inspired by the flint at the sight of love at first sight.


Bvlgari Serpenti Forever ELECTRO LOVE bag

Bulgari Valentine’s selection works:

Bvlgari Fiorever Jewelry 18K Rose Gold Diamond Ring / Necklace / Bangle, SAPCODE:
AN858708 / CL858505 / BR858672, Price: 39,800 / 65,400 / 58,400 RMB

Bvlgari Fiorever Jewelry White Jewellery Ring / Bracelet in 18K White Gold, SAPCODE:
AN858168 / BR858706, Price: 66,900 / 95,000 RMB

Bvlgari Serpenti Collection Time Watch, SAP: 102728, Price: 125,000 RMB
Bvlgari OctoRoma watch, SAP: 102702, price: 150,000 RMB

Bvlgari SerpentiForeverELECTROLOVE bag
Price: 17,300 RMB, SAP: 287830/287831