Breguet Ipad Magazine Issue 3 ‘clock Embankment N ° 3’ Officially Launched

Following the successful release of two issues, Breguet Xinyue announced the official launch of the iPad magazine “Clock Embankment n ° 3”, which can now be downloaded in the App Store in English and French:
   ‘Clock embankment n ° 3’ invites you to jointly explore the classic century heritage and innovative watchmaking inventions of Breguet, and learn more about the grandeur of Breguet today. Inspiration from the long tradition of watchmaking is inexhaustible, which promotes Breguet’s continuous technological innovation, continuously advances the precision performance of timepieces, and confirms the brand’s long-term pursuit of innovation.
 The third issue of the magazine presents a number of topics in a series of interactive articles, the most notable of which is the high-tech Classique Chronométrie watch. This watch operates at an ultra-high frequency of 10 Hz and contains many The latest research and development results make Breguet stand proudly in the watch industry and deserve to be the pioneer of watchmaking innovation. In addition to technological innovation, Breguet also actively encourages the masters of machine-engraving to exert their creativity and further enrich and improve the Heritage series of watches. For a long time, Breguet has attracted the attention and attention of countless world-class celebrities, including Mary Antoinette, Russian Tsar Alexander I, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Charles-Morris Talleyrand. The last of them can be regarded as one of the greatest figures in French history, and this special article pays tribute to several exciting episodes of his legendary life.