Extraordinary Calibre De Cartier Men’s Watch

Cartier launched the first CALIBRE DE Cartier men’s watch equipped with the brand’s self-winding movement earlier this year, successfully creating a watch that combines top watchmaking craftsmanship and ultimate design. Code, since then also opened the brand’s entire set of movements from design, research and development, assembly to mass production, the process is a historic breakthrough and progress. The CALIBRE DE Cartier watch uses a solid dial, an oversized Roman numeral hour mark XII, and the dial is decorated with curved grain patterns, highlighting the modern atmosphere. The raised bezel on the case is naturally inclined at 28 degrees to the dial, and it extends to 120 dials. Four lugs designed according to ergonomic principles are comfortable and natural. The bumps on the frosted and polished crown protect the octagonal crown from collisions and ensure the watch’s normal operation. The CALIBRE DE Cartier watch is equipped with the 1904 MC movement, a tribute to the world’s first watch created by Cartier Cartier in 1904. At the same time, the collection continues Cartier’s consistent modern design aesthetic, The wonderful balance of power and beauty shows the masculinity of men.
    In 1904, the birth of the world’s first watch, Cartier Santos, brought the global watch industry into a new era of modernization. Taking this landmark era as the name of the movement, the 1904 MC movement inherits the courage to break through more than 100 years ago, and also condenses the great tradition that has been devoted to research and development for more than 100 years .
   The 1904 MC movement combines technicality and aesthetics, perfectly meeting the highest requirements of Cartier watchmaking. This new movement with a diameter of 11 ½ centimeters has a dual barrel inside, and is equipped with a precise adjustment system and a stop-second device to achieve fine adjustment of the movement and ensure accurate timing under any conditions. ; A ceramic ball bearing system is installed at the center of the movement wheel to ensure stable operation when subjected to strong external force; a novel pawl system replaces the traditional reversing wheel as an automatic winding mechanism, which greatly improves Chain speed, and the use of an innovative two-way winding system makes the rotor more comfortable to wind the movement and provide kinetic energy; the movement’s top bridge and the rotor are decorated with the classic smooth Geneva ripple decoration (côtes de Genève). In addition, the CALIBRE DE Cartier watch has realized the exquisite internal and external response. The 120 precision scales on the dial are reminiscent of meticulous movement gears, while the novel and unique movement design in the transparent case back has become the perfect sublimation of the masculine appearance.