Simple Low-key Tasting Omega Flying Steel Annual Calendar Watch

Different from the Omega disc Hour Vision all-gold calendar watch introduced by the previous watch house, today we introduce this disc-fly 431. all-steel annual calendar watch Although the appearance looks quite similar to the Hour Vision almanac, but many details are different. It can be said that it is a simplified version of Hour Vision, but it is not part of the Hour Vision family. Although it is a simplified version, any key No element of sex is lost …

 Before I talk about this watch, I still want to talk about the history of Omega De Ville. This series was born in 1960. It was a trendy time for ultra-thin watches. De Ville means French. Omega has been a classic and elegant watch series since its birth. The times are evolving, but the elegant atmosphere of the urban gentleman and lady that the disco series still keeps has not changed. In 2007, Omega launched the new self-produced movements 8500 and 8501. At the same time, Omega launched a new watch equipped with these two movements named Hour Vision, and since then the disc flying series has added a new family.

 The Hour Vision family belongs to the Disciphy series. The name is named after the homonym of Our Vision, which means the vision of betting time and moving towards a more brilliant future. When this watch appeared in front of everyone, everyone looked bright, showing a completely different feeling from the constellation, both in size and design seem to be more imposing than the constellation. Although this watch cannot be counted as Hour Vision, it does evolve from Hour Vision.

 This watch is viewed from the front. The case is exactly the same in shape and size as the Hour Vision, such as the lugs that extend to the bezel; the shape of the bezel is curved; the case diameter is also 41 mm. It can be said that the emergence of Hour Vision has set the standard for the new UFO.

 Some people may ask why there are so many similarities with Hour Vision but they cannot be called Hour Vision? In fact, the answer lies on the side of this watch. The biggest feature of Hour Vision is the case that is completely transparent. The case of this disc flying calendar does not use the method of metal and sapphire crystal like Hour Vision. The most traditional all stainless steel case design, but this will not affect the use of the watch.

 We see that because the steel watch does not use the so-called double case design of the gold watch, it is impossible for this watch to create the full-sided feel of the gold watch. Although this watch cannot see the side of the movement, the beauty of the front is enough to ignore it, and the all-metal case also makes this watch stronger. So we see that the sapphire crystal back of this watch is neither fixed to the lugs with screws like the Hour Vision, nor the traditional screw-in case, but a press-in case, but it still ensures this. The water-resistant depth of the watch reaches 100 meters, and can withstand impacts up to 5000G.

 The dial of this watch is clean and tidy, using the most classic black, white, and blue colors. Although there is no flashy Hour Vision, the technical level of any element on the dial has not been reduced. On the milky dial, the logo and scale The hour and minute hands are still made of 18K white gold and are finely polished, and the edges are polished. The calendar display window is recessed, and each bevel is extremely delicate. The large blue steel seconds hand in the center is so eye-catching; the circular arc-shaped anti-glare anti-wear sapphire crystal of this watch can be said to have made a significant contribution to protecting these delicate elements on the dial.

Although this watch has a lot of low-key and simple dials, but the function settings have not shrunk at all, and it is very practical for daily wear. From the 3 o’clock month date window and the Annual Calendar under the Logo let us know that this is an annual calendar. This means that the watch can automatically identify the 30th and 31st of the month, and only need to be manually adjusted once a year on March 1st. This minimalist display of the almanac matches this watch’s style extremely well.

 From the perspective of wearing comfort, it is impossible for any metal chain strap to be as soft as the leather. From the perspective of matching, the black strap is undoubtedly the best choice, so this watch is the most traditional one. The most classic alligator leather strap, but the single folding buckle with this strap is not very comfortable for friends with thinner wrists.

 This watch is equipped with a movement model of 8601, which is an annual calendar version of the 8500 movement. This movement is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) and uses Omega’s proprietary advanced coaxial escapement device and a cardless hairspring pendulum. Wheel, which can ensure accuracy and reliability for a long time.

 As the 8601 movement is a normal version (the distinguished version is called 8611), its rotor and straddle balance bridge are made of the same material as the main base plate, but its elegant all-black screws and exquisite Arabic pattern of Geneva corrugated The perfect combination makes the entire movement show a unique aesthetic in luxury. In addition, the movement uses a dual barrel automatic winding system. The power reserve should be 60 hours, but because this watch requires Part of the power is allocated to the instantaneous annual calendar function, so the power reserve becomes 55 hours.

 Of course, this movement will definitely not lack the latest scientific and technological achievements of Omega, which is a silicon spring and balance. The use of silicon in this watch can be identified by the ‘Si 14’ etched on the balance wheel and the back.

Summary: First of all, I admit that this is a very cost-effective watch with the latest appearance; the most advanced technology; the simplest and practical functions and the most reasonable price (RMB 71900), all of this is all in this The watch is realized. If you need the most up-to-date and reasonably priced dress watch, it is absolutely right.
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Leading Luxury Sports Tasting Vacheron Constantin Perimeter Series Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

In 2012, a new breakthrough was made for the Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas series sports watch. The Overseas Perpetual Calendar Chronograph stands out in this collection with its 18K pink gold case. This watch combines stylish elegance with high complexity. Official number: 49020 / 000R-9753

   The new watch features two of the most popular features for high-quality mechanical watch enthusiasts-the ‘timer’ and ‘perpetual calendar’, which fully reflect the traditional and superb skills of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking excellence. Combining all the important features of Vacheron Constantin’s vertical and horizontal series, the Overseas Perpetual Calendar Chronograph exudes an elegant and distinguished personality.

   As a sports watch, its functions can also be said to be very powerful. The complex function of the perpetual calendar alone can make it one of the first-line watches. charm.


   This perpetual calendar watch uses a 42mm 18K pink gold case with a watch thickness of 12.80mm. I believe that this volume is not achievable by anyone. The watch also uses a soft iron inner case to protect the mechanical movement from magnetic fields up to 25,000 A / m. The dial is a light gray milky white dial with black indicators and scales. Although it integrates the functions of the perpetual calendar, moon phases, and timekeeping, the overall looks orderly. At the same time with brown alligator leather pink gold folding buckle strap, waterproof depth of 150 meters.

   The 18K pink gold case makes the watch look luxurious and luxurious as a whole. Some people may say that as a sports watch, the power of the function should be more important than the appearance, but Vacheron Constantin used his concept to interpret the ‘luxury sports wrist Watch ‘brand new model, of course, before Hublot also tried diamond-set watches.

   Similarly, the ‘Luxury Sports Watch’ has got rid of the limitations of the rubber strap, and chose a high-end Mississippi alligator leather strap, with 18K pink gold folding buckle, showing high-end luxury.

   The bottom of the case is engraved with the famous Amerigo Vespucci brig pattern, and the iconic Vacheron Constantin logo also appears on the crown.


   Perpetual calendar, tourbillon, and minute repeater have become the three most complicated functions in the watch industry. This watch has added timekeeping on the basis of the perpetual calendar. It can be seen that Vacheron Constantin has become one of the top ranks in terms of the movement. . At six o’clock is the moon phase display. Although this function is still inferior in practicability, from an aesthetic point of view, it has become the object of many people chasing.

   The three o’clock position of the watch is a 30-minute chronograph dial. At the same time, it also provides the date display function. The long hand indicates the date and the broken hand indicates the time. Like other timepieces in this series, the hour hand and hour scale are coated with a white luminous material to ensure that the time can still be clearly displayed in dark places.

   The watch has a 12-hour chronograph dial at 9 o’clock and has the function of displaying the day of the week. The long hand indicates the day of the week and the short hand indicates the chronograph reading.

   The twelve o’clock dial is a sub-dial displayed for 48 months and leap years. The dial is divided into four years, which corresponds to the leap year display at the center. This design not only saves space on the panel, but also increases the overall uniformity and readability.

Movement articles

   The horizontal and vertical perpetual calendar chronograph is equipped with a 1136 QP self-winding movement, of which 228 parts have included the main advanced watchmaking technology. This self-winding mechanical movement vibrates 21,600 times per hour and has a 40-hour power reserve.

Summary: From the function to the appearance, I believe that everyone knows the price of this watch. It is reported that the purchase of this watch also comes with a precious watch box with a built-in rotating mechanical device. Placing it on this device automatically winds it to ensure that the perpetual calendar display can be adjusted automatically and accurately. Although the ‘luxury sports’ watch concept is now respected by many brands, as a buyer, it seems that there will be a relatively long acceptance process in terms of price and psychological cognition.

Vacheron Constantin Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Details:
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