【lange – Exquisite Watches And Clocks From Saxony】 The Chinese Version Of The Shanghai Conference Was Grandly Held

As a pioneer of German watchmaking, Lange A. LANGE & SÖHNE is inseparable from the development of German history as a whole. Its ups and downs, revival of glory and shame have attracted everyone who loves watchmaking. A few days ago, the Chinese version of the book ‘Langer-Fine Watches from Saxony’, written by Reinhard Meis, a famous German watchmaker and research expert on antique watches, was held in Shanghai. The history of the watchmaking industry in the town of Glashütte, Saxony, Germany is introduced in this article. It is really a good teacher and friend of the majority of watch enthusiasts.

This time, Lange held a press conference of the Chinese version of ‘Lange-Fine Watches from Saxony’ in the main residence of Shanghai. The layout of the site was full of classic atmosphere. the key of.
On that day, Mr. Chen Mang, the patron of the book printing and German Chinese entrepreneur, shared his personal experience with clocks. In addition, Lange also invited Ms. Pan Dan, a doctor of European history from the Department of History of Peking University, and the brand leader to tell everyone a special lecture on ‘Two Hundred Years of German History and the Development of Lange’. In the final part of the conference, Mr. Stefan Muser, an expert from Auktionen Dr. Crott, came from afar to introduce several Lange pocket watches, some of which are valuable. Rare masterpiece, and also shared his own auction experience of Lange antique watches. He believes that Lange has an unshakable important position in the history of German watchmaking. His entire development process has progressed with the country of Germany. He also brought some of the introduced antique pocket watches to the scene to share with us. .

The series ‘Langer-Fine Watches from Saxony’ was edited by the prestigious watch book writer Reinhart Max for eight years. He wrote in the early years and introduced Germany’s most famous watchmakers. The great work of watch brand Lange. With his wealth of knowledge, he elaborated on the connection that Lange’s outstanding tradition established in the 19th century has today won the top position in the world of precision watchmaking. The original German-language encyclopedia ‘Langer-Fine Watches and Clocks from Saxony’ was published by Callwey in Munich in December 2011. The book is composed of two volumes, a total of 916 pages, with more than 2,700 illustrations. At the time of the publication of the Chinese version of ‘Langer-Exquisite Watches and Clocks from Saxony’, Lange combed its development history in Germany in the past two centuries.
In order to make it easy for the majority of Chinese readers to read this timepiece historical and cultural masterpiece, Caesars Culture, Art and Media Co., Ltd., in conjunction with Lange Co., facilitated the publication and distribution of the Chinese version of the book in Wuzhou Communication Publishing House. Mr. Chen Mang, Chairman of Caesars Culture, Art and Media, is an enthusiastic watch enthusiast and collector himself. He is dedicated to spreading European watch history and culture to China.

The book ‘Langer-Fine Watches from Saxony’ is divided into two volumes. The first volume, ‘100 Years of the Glashütte Watch Industry,’ introduces the history of the watch industry in the town of Glashütte, as well as small watch manufacturers and numerous accessories suppliers. The second volume, Lange: A Watchmaking Dynasty in Dresden, showcases the 100-year history of Lange’s history over three generations from 1845 to 1945. The entire book shows almost all of Lange’s patents and sample collections in the century, and finally introduces Lange’s latest watches, covering all products manufactured in the traditional town of Glashütte since the company was re-established in 1990.